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Aeropro AP8411 Air Powered Diaphragm Pump

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  • Ideal pump for regular paint, PU paint, UV special paint etc.
  • With suction feed spray gun for high effiecient painting work
  • Being capable for printing ink cycling supply
  • Lightweight, easy- operating
  •  Suitable for all kinds of corrodibility liquid, with grainshighly, vicious,volatile and imflammable, explosive, liquids, ceramic glaze venomancer the syrup, pulp, the oil tanker for recycling


  • Paint Output Valve Ass’y : Paint Output coulping connect to transmit tube ( G 1/4”19) connect to pressure relief tube so as to pressure relief backflow
  •  Paint Inlet Coupling : connect to the paint inlet tube of filtrate Ass’y.
  •  Filtrate Ass’y : Connect to the paint inlet coupling, inhale the paint from the filtrate Ass’y. The pressure relief backflow through filtrate Ass’y after operation.
  •  Paint Tank : Storage the pressurized paint
  • Air Inlet Switch Ass’y ; connect to the air supply source, control the operating pressure ( clockwise increase the pressure, counterclockwise reduce the pressure
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