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Reward Points

Can I exchange my reward points for cash?

No, but reward points can be exchanged into discount points. They can be used when you purchase items from KedaiHardware.com. 100 points can be exchanged into RM1.00, 200 points into RM2.00 and so on.

Will I get my reward points immediately after making my purchase?

Yes, your reward points will be automatically added into your KedaiHardware account right after you purchase.

What can I do with earned reward points?

You can use your reward points as discount points while purchasing items at kedaihardware.com. 100 points can be exhcanged in to RM1.00, 200 points into RM2.00 and so on.

Is there an expiry date to my reward points?

Yes, reward points will expire in 365 days from the day you received it.

Can I keep track of my reward points expiry?

To track your reward points expiry, simply go to “My Account”,

and click on “Reward Content”.

The details of your points’ expiry date will be shown.