How to use the website

At home page our customer would find a few link to information on all our information about the website.

  1. How to Order
    • Browse the products from your favourite category, add to your basket and make an order in a few clicks. There are link to be click “READ MORE” for further information
    • Inside How to order will be explain on few type of how to make an order by using this website.
      1. How to order by phone
      2. How to order by online
  • How to order by quotation
  • You may also find a link on our policies to your guidance on our guarantee in this purchase contract.
  1. Payment of process
    • Choose the most appropriative payment method. Be sure to be incognito and secure with your details.
    • The link of “READ MORE” could lead you to the further of information about payment method and process
    • In we are not focus only for online but we keep our way of deal by making payment in cheque, deposit bank and cash on delivery for customer whom are still want to pay to their purchase order
    • Inside the payment of process we explain on what gateway we are using , “ ipay88” using the base of
  2. Delivery
    • Take advantage of our faster three-five days shipping service with quick delivery throughout Malaysia.
    • Through “ READ MORE” link there are further information about the delivery info
    • There are also we link this directly to our delivery policies.
  3. FAQ
    • FAQ is a short for Frequently Asked Question.
    • For the link “ READ MORE” we link in to any question that are common people would ask to make purchasing .
    • Inside the FAQ would use a simple term to make our product is convenient to buy.


  1. Click On SHOP link on above the web , will appear all the products ,
  2. On the side at the left of the web, there are categories for all tools


    • power toolis a tool that is actuated by an additional power source and mechanism other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. The most common types of power tools use electric motors. Internal combustion engines and compressed air are also commonly used.
    • pneumatic toolair toolair-powered toolor pneumatic-powered tool is a type of power tool, driven by compressed air, supplied by an air Pneumatic tools can also be driven by compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) stored in small cylinders allowing for portability.
    • The industrial & Equipment Industry consist of power and hand tools, hardware,small-scale machinery, and other industrial component
    • Automotive and Garage is and equipment that consist any equipment needed for car or garage. Such as Automotive jack, battery chargers,Car vacuum cleaner and related to it.
    • Household goodsare goods and products used within households. They are the tangible and movable personal property placed in the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, family rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, recreation rooms, hallways, attics, and basements and other rooms of a house.


  1. By Price
    1. By clicking on the scale of the given you can budget your own price to ensure that there are product in your range of budget to buy. ( RM11- RM10 400 )
    2. The scale as well are given in the top of web by clicking the filter button
  2. By categories
    1. At the top next to the price got filter by categories (as state above) that customer could filter any product by categories


  1. There are few type of sorting
    1. Default sorting
    2. Sort by popularity
    3. Sort by Average Rating
    4. Sort by newest
    5. Sort by price high to Low
    6. Sort by price low to high


  1. There are two Buttons to customized view

(sample of an image from web comparison between two customized view button)


  1. Can type how many products you want to view per page.
    either 12, 24, 36 or All


  1. You can change the page of number by click on the arrow shown next to number pages to continue in searching the product you desire.